Monday, March 13, 2006

You're not a thief, you're just a fat kid!

I think I could be a competitive eater.

Seriously. I went to my favorite sushi buffet for lunch today, and I'm still feeling it. It was all a blur. I had about 30 minutes, so it was definitely not a task to be undertaken with a companion. No talk...just eat.

I generally have one goal when visiting a buffet, and that's to cost the restaurant money. I definitely think I accomplished that today. Incidentally, I don't visit buffets much any more, because I would hate to return to the porker state of 18 months ago. I'm beginning to believe I work out just to counteract sporadic excursions such as my one to RuSan's.

The worst part (and when I say worst I mean best) about the place is that they love to find new and creative ways to use tempura batter. Whether it be sushi rolls, sweet potatoes, or zucchini.
So, the last half of my work day has been a batter coated, sushi-overdose, induced haze.

3 Things from the Low-Brow Unintentional Comedy Files:

-While reading the close-captioning of ESPN's pundits breakdown the NCAA brackets during lunch, the host directed this comment at Dick Vitale, in regards to a particular game: "Dick, I know you've been itching to hit this."

Someone please tell me he meant to say this.

-My friend pointed out to me that a box that once contained gallons of Laura Lynn homogenized milk was labelled as Lynn Homo Gal. I thought that would be the most unintentionally amusing string of 3 words I would see all weekend, until I was introduced to...

-Bum Ho Lee...he's an infielder for Korea in the World Baseball Classic. Even better, his jersey reads B. H. Lee. This means we can assume he goes by just Bum Ho.

Supposedly, this kind of stuff will stop being funny to me someday.

Please note, I've added a new link to The Daily Dickel. It's my buddy Jason's site (of Lynn Homo Gal fame). If you are just craving completely inappropriate humor...get your fix there. Enjoy!


Jamie said...

You know, sushi is supposed to be healthy... until you go to RuSan's buffet and eat nothing but deep fried goodness... like I did last week!

Eric said...

Yes...I'm beginning to believe you could coat anything in tempura batter and it would be oh, so delicious!

To make me feel old, though, this buffet has appeared to give me heartburn this morning. Pass the Milk of Magnesia!