Thursday, March 29, 2007

Out of Hibernation

It's been a while, old friend. I haven't given you the attention you deserved...forgive me.

Yes, I was groveling to my blog. What of it?

Okay, so I haven't been hanging around these here Blogger parts for a while, and I didn't really know when I was coming back. Sometimes, you don't get to make that choice. Last week, two encounters with surreality took the choice out of my hands.

I'll get to it - I'm not induced to unabashed staring much, but when I wander into a dive bar and see Jared from Subway buying round after round of shots in attempt to get a chick drunk, it's like watching the most glorious of trainwrecks.

Yes, it was actually him, not someone unfortunate enough to resemble him. I had heard he was there, and just assumed it was the usual embellishments about another patron. How wrong I was - seeing this doughy physiqued, toothy spokesperson for mediocre sandwiches in the flesh was slightly unsettling. Not only that, but watching his attempt to ply a girl with alcohol...that image is burned into my mind.

I had to resist the urge to just go over and berate him for helping America develop a taste for mediocre deli meats and knock-off condiments, but I didn't. Seriously, I hate Subway...if they didn't convince me that I could eat out healthy by eating there, I probably wouldn't have gone there in the last decade.