Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jesse Jackson May Finally Justify His Existence

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I can actually agree with him on something for once:

A bit of a lofty goal, for sure, but I can't say it wouldnt' be a step in the right direction. If you haven't figured it out by now, I am one of the whitest whities to ever buy SPF 45, so I can't speak from personal experience as to what the use of this word does to African-American society.

From my perspective, though, the use of this word by ostentatious hip-hop artists and actors speaks to an underlying self-loathing. One that has long been engrained in that community due to years of being told that they were nothing but...that word. It provides the impetus for seemingly well reared children of all races feeling the need to start gangs and show their manhood by gunning down their unarmed peers. It goes along with many more complex issues in the rise of gangs, of course, but it can never be called a positive force.

I know this will become a free speech issue to some, and I am not one to fight free speech. If this, however, begins the process of this word being rooted out of the Pop Culture lexicon then I'll actually feel good about something Jesse Jackson did.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fruit Up!

That's right - everyone's favorite lecherous, mysoginistic, capitalist TV character is played by a gay man. I honestly can't say I'm surprised. A few months ago, in one of my many trips to Wikipedia, I decided to read up on the actors that so adeptly make up the ensemble of How I Met Your Mother.

Upon reading Neil Patrick Harris' bio, two things jumped out at me:

- He took the role of Emcee in the Broadway production of Cabaret, one of his many musical theater performances

- He had several guest appearances on Will & Grace.

Hmm. Pretty much all that was left was for him to list Judy Garland as a primary influence.

So, when Doogie officially came out this week, I was ready for the blow. I mean...you know what I mean!

Anyway, apparently one of the biggest reasons this story came to the fore was due to a blurb about his boyfriend getting a part on HIMYM only because he was dating Harris. I know, it's outrageous to think that someone would get a part in showbusiness because they knew someone. I wonder if this is the first time that has ever happened?

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Kiss me, Vinnie.

I doubt this will do anything to affect the show's viewership. It's not like it was family friendly programming anyway. Harris does a great job with his character, too, much like the straight guys playing gay on Will and Grace. Maybe it's just easier to play the other side because you know exactly where to go for the easy jokes?

I am a fan of the show...it kind of fills that Friends void I had with my buddies where you decide which character you are (an activity women participate in much more than men because every female ensemble is just like their group of friends). Luckily, I was not Barney (I am Ted. Duh.), because now the jokes are just way too easy on the guy that we decided IS Barney...more or less.