Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Somewhere between my junior year of college and now, I've managed to ruin my enjoyment of parts of, or the entire, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. My general M.O. when following a sporting event is to pick the underdog, and root for them - unless they are playing one of "my" teams.

Ever since I've started putting money on this thing, no matter how little an amount, it hasn't been as fun. To win any tournament pool, you have to pick a few upsets. They are going to happen, you just have to guess right. It's entirely dumb luck.

Well, I'm pretty much done in my pool. I'm in 2nd to last place, even though I've picked more right than wrong. Since everyone inevitably has very similar Final Four picks, these things are almost always won in the first few rounds. The bright side is that I can now pull for the remaining underdogs. The non-monetary downside, is having to listen to all the douchebags proclaiming that they "called" Wichita St., George Mason, or Bradley making the Sweet Sixteen. Like they are some sort of basketball guru, and not just lucky. Most of these guys couldn't tell you where any of these schools were...except maybe Wichita St.

In case you're curious, George Mason is in Fairfax, VA, and although it sounds like a private school, is actually the largest public university in Virginia. Virginia seems to do this with most of it's public schools (see James Madison and Old Dominion) Bradley is in Peoria, IL.

These are the things I endeavor to find out about when I'm bored at work. Wichita State's mascot, by the way, is the Shockers. I can't help but think that this mascot has recently caused many septegenarian WSU fans to unwittingly make an obscene gesture as they try and mimic the enthusiasm of the student fans. Georgia fans know what I'm talking about. For those that don't, I'll let you do your own research.

I just wish Appalachian State would make a run like this so people would be scrambling for Google to find out where we're located. For the record, in Boone, North Carolina. This also gives me an excuse to post my favorite picture of my Alma Mater:

Sometimes, I wonder why I ever left. Of course, then I'd just be the old guy that can't let go...as opposed to the one that pretends he has. Then, tailgating on Fall Saturdays reminds me how unhealthy it is reliving the college lifestyle!


Jamie said...

Wait. Why do you assume Georgia students know what the "shocker" is?

We totally do, but that's besides the point!

Jamie said...

It's because of DJ Shockley, isn't it?

Yeah, that makes it less funny.

Eric said...

I've seen a wealth of photographic evidence (some including Mr. Shockley) proving most of them have a general idea of what it is.

Whether or not any of them have willingly engaged in it remains to be seen.

melissa said...

how could you not mention that Peoria was the birthplace of Richard Pryor?? and home to a riverboat casino and many, many strip clubs...ah, i'm glad i chose Rockford

Eric said...

Forgive my ignorance of the cultural mecca that is Peoria. All I know is that it was not included in Sufjan Stevens' Come On, Feel the Illinoise song cycle.