Friday, March 10, 2006

I will wreck my car shortly...

I hope I'm wrong...but I finally got satellite radio. I've wanted it for about a year. I'm not really a big electronics nerd, but I am a radio guy, and the ability to listen to 120 different channels started the drool glands going. Here's the receiver I got:

And, no...that is not a song I would want on my monitor. I actually feel kind of dirty with it just being on my blog.

The receiver is kind of "resting" in my car right now because I can't get the "industrial strength" suction cup to affix to anything in my vehicle. Plus, there are wires everywhere...that might get old. I may have to get someone to "professionally install" it when I get paid next month. (Read: charge me $130 for something I could do myself, if I wanted to pull my hair out over the course of several hours.)

I went with Sirius, as you may already know. It appeals to the obscure sports geek in me...the one who wants to listen to low-level college football and basketball, and European soccer, on the radio.

My biggest concern is the remote control. Putting one of those in the hands of my father's son could be bad news. I'm referring to myself, if you're confused. I have the attention span of a coked-up gerbil when it comes to TV or Radio programming. Let's hope I can keep it in check but if you a see a viciously swerving green Chevy Blazer coming towards you...say hello.

I'm still fightin' sleep from last night. I went to the Wilco show in Athens, which rocked, of course. I even got the requisite Athens experience by ending up at the same bar as members of the band, and Mike Mills from R.E.M. I was tempted to start an "overrated" chant, but thought better of it. It is his turf, after all.


Jamie said...

NO NO NO NO! You do NOT acknowledge REM when in their presence. I wouldn't even feel comfortable making eye contact with them. That's the rule in Athens.

Whew. Dodged a bullet there.

I once stood next to Mike Mills at a Butch Walker show so I could tell people I was at a show with him. :)

Eric said...

Do you melt if you look right at them? One of the guys we were with went over and talked to him...I was bracing for impact!

Jamie said...

Michael Stipe actually has lasers for eyes and you will explode like a burning pile of hot mess if you make contact!

Eric said...

You figured he would used them to trim Bill Berry's eyebrows at some point over the last 25 years.

Hmm...maybe he has. Gosh, that's a scary thought!