Thursday, March 09, 2006

Welcome to South Canada

That slight chill in the air this morning had nothing to do with the dying throes of winter. Oh no...and stop wondering why you have the urge to try and crush people's heads from afar with your thumb and forefinger. I'll explain:

We were annexed by Canada yesterday. It's true...their best (I use the term loosely) baseball players beat our best baseball players 8-6 in the World Baseball Classic. We were "blowed up real good". In usage of a little known rule, we are now known as the Lower Provnices, or Amerida. Who knew they were so pissed about losing the Expos?

It's all karmic retribution, I guess. Seeing as how Mexico is now our bitch in soccer, it only stands to reason a country who generally doesn't care about baseball would smack us around.

At least I am now compatriots with The Kids in the Hall. Someone pass the Moosehead...

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