Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wes Byrum Wears Crocs So He Can Comfortably Kick Your Ass

Tell me those don't look like the shoes we all hate!

If you're alive after the College Football Nuclear Fallout, you already know that Auburn pretty much outplayed the indefatigable Florida Gators before Tigers' kicker Wes Byrum gave them a double Donkey Punch by making a timeout interrupted 43 yard field goal. This, of course, betters Sebastian Janikowski and Phil Dawson (they couldn't make NFL Hashmark-Type kicks after timeouts) to vanquish Team 1B in the SEC. Team 1A - LSU - looked underwhelming in dispatching of Tulane. LSU-Florida looks decidedly less glamorous next week. Being the SEC, that means the Gators will probably win.

Overall,What a day. Colorado plays DIVISION I FOOTBALL(!!!) against Oklahoma, the 'Cats of K-State remind Texas that they are, in fact, their bitch.

"I know you coached for one glorious year at my Alma Mater, Mack Brown. Still, I have to barrel my sleek cranium into your team's sternum!"

-Ron Prince

K-State proves that, if they can do one thing, it's mercilessly pound the Longhorns.

Rutgers falls to the school that probably has more kids from New Jersey in its student body outside of Piscataway - Maryland. Bravo,, the Big East could realistically send either Cincinnati or South Florida to the Orange Bowl. there a harder city to spell outside The 'Nati? I had to spell check to make sure I got right.

Wisconsin might sneak into the Top 5, where they have no business residing,which probably means they'll inexplicably run the table...but I think they'll lose soon.

And, of course, Notre Dame lost in Duke-esque fashion. So close, yet so far away.

This is going to be a great season.

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