Friday, September 21, 2007

One Of The Few Advantages Of Being Strictly An NFL Fan

Many of us are crossover football, high school, pro, powder puff...we watch it all. The guys that only follow the pro game, however, have a distinct advantage over the rest - especially those obsessed with the college game, and there is one overriding reason...

Fall Weddings!

While a handful weddings will fall on a Sunday - Saturday being the preferred day hits college football fans, and hits them hard. I know a Georgia fan who, right now, is getting ready to board a plane for Dallas for a Saturday wedding. A Saturday night Catholic wedding that starts at 6:00 CDT - 15 minutes after the Georgia-Alabama game kicks off.

I have been fortunate enough to mostly avoid this phenomena. Although, I was forced to listen to the Georgia Southern-Appalachian State game last year on a faint radio signal in Northwest Georgia. Otherwise, I probably would have driven the 3 hours to Statesboro to watch it in person.

The upshot was that I won $10 off my buddy's dad, whose daughter went to Southern.

(Word to the wise - getting people who know nothing about FCS football to bet on it is as close to a sure thing in gambling as there is...provided you know something about it.)

But - I digress.

For those of us who have been put through this pain - there is finally a place for us:

Fall Weddings Suck

It's heavy on LSU fans, which I can't say surprises me that the women over there didn't/don't probably think things through. Nonetheless - I'm sure you'll find a little bit of yourself in one of these guys.

The Vols fan who had a wedding (likely pictured above)cause him to miss last week's UT-Florida game, however, probably realizes now that he got out easy.

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