Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boselli Apparently Paying for Transgressions

Former Jaguars and Texans Tackle Tony Boselli is apparently going through some sort of broadcaster hazing. 3 weeks - 3 Falcons games. Unfortunately for him, Ron Pitts is along for the ride as his play-by-play partner.

They aren't a bad team - just odd that they seem to be stuck covering what could end up being the worst team in the NFC.

Some encouraging things from today's loss to Carolina, though. Harrington was sharp, Roddy White is coming into his own, and the line held well. When you're supposed All-Pro CB gives up 67 yards in penalties on one drive (albeit some shoddy officiating on 2 of the 3 calls), it's going to be hard to win.

Petrino still not running the ball enough - Dunn and Norwood combined for 87 yards on 17 carries. I think Norwood especially needs to get the ball more. He is a homerun hitter, plain and simple.

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