Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dr. Farthing, What Happened To Your Arm?

Well, it was from either sleeping on it the wrong way, or bookmakers throwing me out of a speeding car.


We'll give this picking games thing another go, so I can see what I really know about college football. I'm not exactly sure I want to know the answer to that, but I will be spending all day Saturday in a full on smorgasboard of college football - even if it means watching Auburn vs. New Mexico State on Gameplan (more on that game later).

On to my I Know A Guy, Who Knows A Guy, Episode II


#15 Clemson at NC State (+7.5) - Let's face it, NC State is the only team to slow down the disturbinglingly efficient BC offense thus far, even if you couple that with their loss to UCF, and a sleepwalk over Wofford, it says something. One thing Chuck Amato left behind, along with red shoes, white sunglasses, and pectoral a solid defense.

Clemson's Cullen Harper has yet to really be tested, and this will be his first road conference game. Being that he might sadly be the most famous graduate of my High School Alma Mater...and only be 20...I still say Clemson pulls this one off thanks to better athletes on both sides of the ball, but NC State keeps it close until late.

#21 Kentucky at Arkansas (Under 67.5) - Over/Unders scare me about as much as having Reggie Ball under center with 2:00 left and no timeouts. The idea that you can be screwed by a meaningless TD in a blowout just seems to be too risky...most of the time.

In this game - both teams are coming off of offensive shootouts. I am inclined to think it won't be quite as chaotic in Fayetteville this Saturday. Kentucky is coming off a program win, and Arkansas helped kickoff the "Nick Saban is God '07" tour in Tuscaloosa. The Hogs will actually use Darren McFadden for all 4 quarters this week and keep the scoring low, like a good running team should. Remember, this Wildcat team gave up over 300 yards on the ground to Kent State in Week One...and the Golden Flashes didn't have a half-cyborg/half-gazelle in their backfield (unfortunately, DMC's hamstrings not part of the cyborg half).

As for the game itself, I also think it's likely Arkansas covers the 7 thanks to a Wildcat comedown. Still - I am happy to see that people finally remember that Rich Brooks can coach.

Home Warriors:

#Penn State (-3.5) at Michigan - Seriously, does Michigan ever go on the road? Playing their 4th consecutive game in The Big House, which you would think might actually scare them by now, if not for piling on Notre Dame last week. Penn State comes in with designs on a trip to the Rose Bowl. Anthony Morelli has a tidy 7/1 TD to INT ratio, and Michigan's suspect secondary, still trying to catch up with Oregon's Derrick Jones and App State's Dexter Jackson, lining up in a Cover None Zone.

New Mexico State at Auburn (-16.5) - Auburn, unlike Michigan, can avoid starting 1-3 at home because they scheduled the tricky "cupcake" game last. Seriously - if Auburn can't get up enough muster to thwart Mummeball, we might be witnessing the beginning of the end of Tubbytime at Jordan-Hare. Auburn learns to stop throwing the ball at guys who can't catch it, and read past the Preface of their playbook.

There are also rumors swirling that Brad Lester might be available for this one, which will be a big boost to the Tigers rushing attack.

Personal Interest

#22 Georgia (+3.5) at #16 Alabama - Picking against Alabama again, I know. Other than an improbable win against Auburn last year, Georgia's been sliding in the SEC lately. For a team with as much talent as they have, this is unlikely to continue.

Last week, once Arkansas actually made adjustments, they outscored the Tide 38-10 after the 1st Quarter. That last second heart-stopper, combined with UGA's humane destruction of Western Carolina, points to a rested and motivated Bulldog squad.

Really, I am just hoping for ESPN's continued sideline shots of these girls:

Even if they are crying.

Georgia Tech (-5.5) at Virginia - World, meet Jonathan Dwyer, Jonathan Dwyer, world. The Yellow Jacket recruit so good they assigned him #21 as soon as they saw Calvin Johnson out the door, Dwyer is likely to get a few more carries this week with Tashard Choice nursing his tender hammy, and ruptured Heisman Hopes, going into Charlottesville. Apparently, God didn't take to kindly to him running all over religious institutions.

Virginia has a little momentum going with a 2-0 conference start - but it was Duke and North Carolina, after all. Jackets by at least 10.

Finally - the nation's longest winning streak continues this week as Appalachian State wins their 18th straight game in front of the 1100 strong student body of Wofford College.

We'll be back next week to sift through the prediction carnage.

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