Friday, September 14, 2007

I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy

Okay, well most of you probably use a website - but if you're getting ready to call your bookie, I have a few thoughts on this weekends games. Including the ones I may, or may not have, put some money on.

On a side note - how random is this movie poster? I don't recognize the names of any of those actors on I had just had to use it. The things you find on Google Image search!

Anyway - on to the games.

Games Of National Interest...

Arkansas (+3.5) vs. Alabama: So, Alabama is 2-0 under Nick Saban, and some Tide fans are already making early December reservations in Atlanta. Everyone can agree that beating Western Carolina was not really much - in fact, it was just mean. The Vandy win, though, showed that against a middling I-A program, Alabama can look like a football team, or reasonable facsimile thereof.

Beating Vandy really only takes 2 steps - 1) Hurt Earl Bennett, or the guy who throws to him., and 2) Win. Done and done. This is a little more complex, as you have to deal not only with Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, but a halfway decent Arkansas defense that is probably drooling at the prospect of Major Applewhite breaking out some plays from his old Rice playbook.

I think the Razorbacks remind Saban that it isn't always going to be Western Carolina on the other side of the ball - but take the 3.5 points anyway.

Notre Dame vs. Michigan (-8): The Wolverines finally get a team that is slower than them. Both teams will be starting True Freshman QBs...but Michigan's gets to throw to Mario Manningham and hand-off to Mike Hart. Jimmy Clausen gets to wonder if the Irish used all their recruiting points to sign him.

Games Of Personal Interest...

Boston College (+7) vs. Georgia Tech: The Jesuits will learn Saturday that their Polish coach isn't quite as infallible as the last Polish guy they hired. It'll be close, though.

Hard to say we know much about either of these teams, considering BC pummeled a hapless NC State team, led by their old coach, and a now 0-2 Wake Forest. I do know that Matt Ryan's production fell off significantly when facing a mildly talented Wolfpack defense, and Taylor Bennett won't throw 5 INTs like State's Harrison Beck did.

The Jackets are at home, and essentially had last week off when they pasted Samford 69-14. They have one of the most underrated running backs in the country. Tashard Choice has gone over 100 yards in 4 straight games against religiously affiliated schools. He'll make it five before turning his attention to those Cardiganned Sodomites at UVa. Choice, and an equally uderrated Jacket defense, will be the difference.

Whoever wins this game will be in the odd position of getting the ACC BCS push - for what it's worth. (Thanks to LOLJocks for the photo!)

Western Carolina vs. Georgia (-Alot): So the Dawgs aren't ignored. It's likely they will start seeing Spurrier's face in place of the Catamount's helmets, a la The Waterboy. The Bulldogs are playing the anti-Appalachian State. Western is actually App State's oldest rival - but have basically been collecting paychecks from BCS teams, and thinking about turning the Southern Conference basement into that bonus room they've always wanted, while the Mountaineers won 2 National Titles and embarassed Michigan. Georgia rolls, and Knowshon Moreno gets his second consecutive 100 yard around 5 carries.

Random Line Of The Week...

UTEP (+5) vs. New Mexico St.: You always seem to have that game featuring two non-BCS schools that just seems to be a trap. This is mine. UTEP is 1-1 after they beat New Mexico by 4 (who beat New Mexico State by 10) and lost to Texas Tech by 14. The Red Raiders needed two late TDs to hold off the Miners to boot.

Somehow, though, the Aggies are the favorite here. The two schools are seperated by 30 miles of the most desolate real estate you'd ever want to see - so, it's hard to say there's any real homefield advantage here. I mean - State is the 2nd biggest New Mexico.

Also consider that Hal Mumme taught Mike Leach the Air Raid offense, which means UTEP will see it for the 2nd straight week. There will be lots of points here, but I'll take Mike Price's almost certain penchant for Juarez whores over Hal Mumme's Ted Haggard-esque hairdo. To's all the same. New Mexico, Old Mexico - he's giving someone the Dirty Sanchez. Sorry Aggies.

We'll review just how off I was on my opinions next week...and if I miss them all, that might signal the end of I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy.

Finally, in honor of Appalachian State's game against the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks this Saturday - I present to you a classic Monty Python bit - The Lumberjack Song!

Someone needs to teach this to the student section at Kidd Brewer, or get it up on the video screen!

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