Monday, February 13, 2006

A Piece of Advice...

Pay to park in Midtown. If not, don't plan on staying very long. Otherwise, you get a nice little trip to A-Tow at 3 in the morning.

That was my Friday night. A cold, rainy jaunt to the ghet-to. And remember, you can't spell "ghetto" without "tow". It would be spelled wrong, but it would sound the same. Those who have been there know of what I speak. I'm still struggling to figure out where this mythical "No Parking" sign was that got me towed off 15th St., and cost me $105. Seriously, how much does it really cost you to tow my car? 10 bucks maybe? What a racket.

Still, totally my fault. If I wasn't such a skinflint about parking, I would have shelled out $7 to park the Green Machine in a covered deck all night.

It's funny how life seems to mirror other people's sometimes. After reading her blog, I've come to the conclusion that Jamie might be the female version of me. In the past few years, she's been unemployed, forced to live with her parents, obsessed with losing weight, and had her car unnecessarily towed...all while drinking to excess a bit too often. Sound familiar, old friends?

On the bright side, I did catch an unbelievable show at The Earl on Friday. Her name is Anna Kramer - and she is a Guitar Goddess. A bit of country, alt-country, old school rock, and a little blues, in pixie form. Seriously, she's like 5'1". I just wanted to put her in my pocket...but not in a perverted way. Her height was only accentuated by the fact that her bass player is around 6'5". Check her out, though, if she is playing nearby. The band, as a whole, was very tight.

Thanks to her, I know now how chicks feel when they go crazy over guys because they're great musicians. She was attractive enough, but her ability to wield a mean axe just took her to another level.

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