Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Whither, Gobots?

As a child, I picked the wrong side in the Gobots vs. Transformers battle. I was never more reminded of that than this past Sunday as I witnessed the retro-Nerd giddiness that is the Transformers movie. As, I am not a huge fan of the genre, it definitely falls into my "Good For an Action Movie" category along with the first Die Hard, Top Gun, and of course, Red Dawn.

Still - amongst the sturm and drang of Michael Bay's newest homage to determined, slow motion, walking, I couldn't help but wonder what had become of my beloved Gobots. Will they ever get their moment in the Summer Blockbuster sun?

I think the reason I liked them more was the fact that one of them was named "Turbo". When you are an 8 year-old boy, the word Turbo automatically equals cool. Incidentally, this also why the character Turbo was much cooler than Ozone in Breakin' and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. Some men actually never grow out of this phase, and it causes them to subconsciously buy not only cars, but new razors, energy drinks, and computer based income tax programs.

Sadly, I learned that Hasbro now owns the rights to the Gobots, and will surely keep Leader 1, Turbo, and the rest of the Gobot pantheon under wraps. Voltron, you're my only hope!

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