Thursday, August 10, 2006

But I Ain't One To Gossip...

Following up on Monday's Ode to Spanky (note the Braves' destruction yesterday with him out of the lineup), I have to give some credit to the ladies at On The DL.

As a blogger, you get inspiration from all manner of resources; whether it be discussions with your buddies, TV shows, or other blogs. Well, my whole McCann as Wingman analogy evolved, in large part, from this picture (that once appeared) on their blog:

Let the man with no sin cast the first stone.

Yep, that's our hero...WingMcCann. As I described it to one of the ladies at On The DL - he's the well meaning, kind of chubby dude, who...while not a lady killer like his buddy Jeff...still deserves to be loved. I'm sure some of us can relate.

I pointed out, though, that this picture made me more of a McCann fan because it humanized him. Who, at 22, didn't have a picture like this of themselves or a good buddy?

The site is full of similar themed photos and plenty of juicy gossip, flowing in from all across MLB Nation. You get to see that baseball players are really just like us...with millions of dollars, weird sex fetishes, the ability to meet women just because they are athletes, and free shoes.

Well, they like to drink like us, at least.

It's now a denizen of my "Other Window" links, and my fantasies - that all the ladies writing said blog are devastatingly gorgeous, and way out of my league. But maybe...just maybe...someday...

They'll ask to be introduced to my more attractive friend.

(Sigh) A guy can dream, can't he?

Update: They linked me! They really linked me!!

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