Monday, January 30, 2006

The Weekend OR How Not to Catch Up On Sleep

As much as I enjoy sleeping, I seem to be the worst person when it comes to keeping a normal sleep cycle.

Friday Night: I guess you can say this is where the problem started. I met up with some folks from church for a double-birthday party. Apparently, these are all the rage with the yuppies, as I seem to rarely attend a party for just one person nowadays. After witnessing a good ol' fashioned shoving match between 2 drunk guys at Churchill's (made me miss high school), I managed to get home around 2. Really, it wasn't that late, except for the fact that...

Saturday Morning: It's moving day for Goose's girlfriend. Goose (aka Nathan) is one of those guys you become friends with because he's friends with a friend, and you always seem to hang out. A great guy who saved me when I needed to move, and my dad ( of all people) bailed on me at the last moment. Obviously, I have no problem helping him because of that...other than my sleepiness. The sausage biscuit he gave me from Hardee's brings a tear to my eye as I devoured it whole.

This is the 5th time in the last 9 months I've helped someone move, or moved myself, so I'm pretty used to it. Even so, I always feel like I'm not doing enough. I really don't try to avoid heavy lifting...but I just have the odd impression that I somehow missed out on most of it. Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Oddly, getting Jen out of her 2nd floor apartment was not the was getting her into her 1st floor Canton loft. Unfortunately, her new place was a good 100+ yards from where we could park the van. That led to alot of long, funny, walks - because there are just certain things you can't move without looking like a penguin, chimp, character from a Farrelly Bros. movie, etc.

Entertainment, though, was provided by Greg's daughter, Codie (yes, boys name, I know). She, of course, wanted to do her part because it was somehow fun for her. You can't help but laugh hearing a 6-year old girl say "Get 'er done", or watching a kid that age run. Little kids always look like they are on some sort of very important mission when in a dead sprint, which is the only speed they seem to know. We finally finish up thanks to the excessive number of hand-trucks (Goose brought four), and I manage to slink back to my place around 5:30. This gives me about 2 hours to relax, and get ready for...

Saturday Night: The much bally-hooed 99x Swingles party. I was risking the chance of rolling solo to this thing, until I convinced a guy from my church to come along. I've only met him twice, but after Friday I discerned he wouldn't think me a sinner if I had a few drinks, and chatted with a few ladies. I learned on the way there that he has a free parking spot at his Midtown office...score!!

This party is kind of the nexus of my new Blogging/Myspace obsession, so I'm glad it's here. It turned out, however, to pretty much be just like any night out. You know - you, a buddy, and a bunch of people you don't know. I did have a pretty good time, though, even though a drunk Fred Toucher basically blurbed to me that The Morning X might be going the way of the Dodo very soon. There are actually rumors swirling that the station itself might get a format change under new ownership.

Finally split from there around 1:30, which didn't bode well for my energy level for my big day on Sunday...

Sunday Morning: Finally joining my church as a member, so I was doing my best to get there early after about 5 hours of sleep. I actually had to be baptized, which was an interesting thing for me. I was raised in a church that didn't believe in the symbolic ceremony, so the whole idea is still a little weird. I will say one thing, though, nothing makes you feel better after a Saturday night out in Atlanta than being able to repent of any sins you may have committed. I don't think I had any major violations, but any minor ones were hopefully taken care of.

I was actually the only person to join that day, so I got to take center stage...always great for the ego. My church is pretty huge, so I always seem to be adding to my list of minor celebrities and local sports heroes that attend there. I got to put Roger Kaiser on the list yesterday. Just to show you the sports nerd I am, I instantly knew who he was.

After a typically overly-long lunch at Loco's (they aren't ever in a rush there, it seems), I finally got home around 2:30, and almost immediately passed out on my couch for 3 hours. I wasn't too pleased about that, because I was hoping to burn off some of my weekend beer calories with a run. I woke up just in time to catch the end of The U.S.'s 5-0 throttling of Norway in Men's Soccer. Norway isn't exactly Brazil, but it's always nice to see the boys whip up on a Euro nation people have heard of. I wouldn't have been as excited if it was Moldova.

This, of course, meant I couldn't get to sleep until late Sunday. I then got a call from my friend, Greg at 3 in the morning. Only it wasn't him, it was his phone, which sounded like it was either in a dryer, or in the pocket of someone walking really fast. I still have to figure this one out.

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